SPRINGFIELD, IL – Despite calls for continued meetings on an agreed budget solution, the Illinois Senate approved yet another unbalanced budget, according to State Sen. Dale Fowler (R-Harrisburg).
“Sadly, the Senate Majority rushed through a spending plan that was not agreed upon by both sides of the aisle. The majority took a step back from good faith negotiations when both sides are so close to a meaningful deal,” Fowler said. “I was particularly concerned that Southern Illinois University and our community colleges would have taken yet another step back through reduced funds from Springfield.”

Senator Fowler voted “no” on Senate Bill 6, which significantly increased spending at a time when the state struggles to meet its current obligations. Moreover, Fowler said the budget bills are largely predicated on massive tax increases.

Other components of the appropriations package would cut funds for local governments, local transportation agencies, and puts into place a number of fees.

Dale Fowler

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