HARRISBURG, IL – After a two-month delay by the Senate Majority on sending the education funding formula to the Governor, State Sen. Dale Fowler (R-Harrisburg) said a recent amendatory veto was the only course of action to a politician-created crisis.

The Governor took swift action on August 1, to amendatorily veto Senate Bill 1, the new education funding formula. Senator Fowler insists that the Senate Majority needs to return to the bargaining table to finish working on the education funding formula before schools open in two weeks.

Sadly, the clock continues to tick on a the eve of a new school year, which has prompted several area superintendents to question how long they are able to keep their district’s doors open without state funds.

Fowler co-hosts trucking roundtable

Senator Fowler joined with the Illinois Truckers Association on August 2 to discuss issues facing the Illinois trucking industry. The Senator met with representatives of more than a dozen local trucking firms to get a sense of the economic impact of the logistics industry. Several topics were discussed like: fuel blending taxation, fees, permits, and licensing.  A special emphasis was given on trucking and motorist safety as a result of the recent double-digit increase in the number of accidents and fatalities on Interstates 57 and 24 in rural Southern Illinois.

Dale Fowler

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