Small but Important Victory

One positive legislative victory this year was the bipartisan support for the extension of the state’s EDGE program, short for Economic Development for a Growing Economy. The program has been cited in the past by industry publications as an important tool for business expansion and job creation. EDGE was created in 1999 and is the state’s primary jobs incentive program. It’s credited with creating nearly 34,000 jobs and retaining another 46,000 since its inception. The extension was signed into law in August and keeps EDGE in place until June 2020.

The Illinois economy is closely linked to the state’s overall fiscal health. It has closely tracked side-by-side with its struggling economy. Growing the economy and providing opportunity and prosperity for working families is the best long-term way back to fiscal good health. Sen. Fowler said Senate Republicans will renew their efforts to foster economic growth in the coming year.

Dale Fowler

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