Week-in-Review: Distance Learning Programs and more…

Senator Fowler (R-Harrisburg) spent the week in District, joining the Lt. Governor for an exciting announcement on distance learning programs, visiting a local business celebrating their fortieth anniversary and serving as the keynote speaker for the monthly inter-agency meeting of local service providers.

See below for more of last week’s activities: 

Earlier this week, Senator Folwer joined Lieutenant Governor Evelyn Sanguinetti for the announcement of a new AP Pilot Program, including 5 students from Pope County High School. The newly announced project was created to explore the possibilities of expanding access to virtual education opportunities to address limited resources in rural and urban areas, including limited access to Advanced Placement classes and an ongoing teacher shortage.

A total of ten Illinois high schools and seventy-five students will be participating in the study, with participants taking AP Government and Politics through the Illinois Virtual School. Sen. Fowler believes that the program is a unique opportunity for schools throughout Southern Illinois and is excited to see the study’s results on the effectiveness of distance learning programs.

While in Pope Country, Sen. Fowler took the opportunity to visit the Chocolate Factor, a company based in Golconda, Illinois. The successful Southern-based business welcomed Sen. Fowler to the shop, giving him a tour of their facility. According to Sen. Fowler, this business, which specializes in gourmet chocolates and fudge, is a local landmark and he is proud to have this family-owned company call Southern Illinois home.

In other news, Senator Fowler joined a number of area service providers from Saline, Gallatin, Hardin, and Pope Counties for their monthly meeting, serving as their keynote speaker. Sen. Fowler was invited to speak during their luncheon, providing the group with an update on state government and to share his expectations for the upcoming fall legislative session. 

Also this week, Sen. Fowler met with the Saline County CEO group to discuss their upcoming fundraiser to benefit the leadership program. Sen. Fowler is a longtime mentor with the CEO program, which matches leaders in the business community with participating students to foster responsibility, leadership and creativity.

Sen. Fowler is also sharing news from the Illinois Department of Transportation about an upcoming road closure in West Frankfort. According to IDOT, IL 149 between Jackanicz Road and Deason Road will be closed beginning January 29. The road is expected to reopen by 5 p.m. on February 9. 

Dale Fowler

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