Sen. Fowler reacts to State of the State, encourages lawmakers to work together

On Jan. 31, Governor Bruce Rauner addressed the General Assembly, delivering his annual State of the State Address before members of both houses of the state legislature.

State Senator Dale Fowler (R-Harrisburg) issued the following statement after the address:

“Today, we heard from the Governor about the ongoing challenges facing our state, burdening our people and driving out our businesses. Illinois’ has a rising bill backlog, ongoing pension debt and is dealing with the aftermath of a tax hike that demands even more from our overburdened taxpayers and businesses. There’s no question, Illinois is facing many challenges and the people of this state deserve better,” said Sen. Fowler. “Illinois’ problems are especially frustrating as Illinois has so much to offer. I see the potential and possibilities firsthand in my district with businesses that want to grow and develop, students who hope to pursue their degrees in their home state and hardworking community members who want to continue to call Illinois home. We have the potential to thrive, we just need to be given the opportunity to pass the reforms and structural changes needed to make Illinois competitive, bring relief to our taxpayers and make Illinois the great state I know it can be. We have to pave the way to allow Illinois to move forward and that starts with working together.” 

Dale Fowler

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