Sen. Fowler reacts to the Budget Address, excited for future investment

For the second time this year, lawmakers gathered together for a joint session of the General Assembly on February 14, this time to hear the Governor deliver his annual Budget Address.

State Sen. Dale Fowler issued the following statement after the Address:

“Today, we heard from the Governor about his game plan to move Illinois into the 2019 Fiscal Year, and his outline for empowering Illinois to regain some much-needed fiscal footing. Unlike the out-of-balance budget passed pushed through at the end of last year, this spending proposal is balanced.

“Beyond that, one of the most exciting points contained in today’s budget is the Administration’s plans to invest in Southern Illinois’ future, directing $1 million in funds toward the ongoing efforts to develop a port authority in Cairo, Illinois. This is an area in dire need of our attention, support and investment. The potential is here, with our region offering so much in terms of opportunities and development. It is encouraging to have that potential recognized and supported through this budget proposal.

“Investing in Illinois’ future will be key to helping our state compete with our neighbors, keeping businesses in state and encouraging residents and students to see the possibilities right here in their own backyard. For the sake of a brighter future for Illinois, reforms, spending cuts and a balanced budget have to be included in our path forward. 

“A balanced budget has been put on the table, it’s now up to the Legislature to work together, appropriate the necessary funds and implement the critical structural changes necessary for helping Illinois move forward. I’m ready to get to work, represent the needs of my district and help our state meet our biggest challenges head on. I’m ready to fight for a better Illinois.”

Dale Fowler

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