Sen. Fowler provides update from IDOT on traffic signal

State Senator Dale Fowler (R-Harrisburg) is providing an update on ongoing efforts to bring a stoplight to the accident-prone intersection of Route 13 and Poplar Street in Harrisburg, which was the scene of another traffic accident last week.  

“This intersection has been the scene of numerous crashes over the years, underscoring the importance of taking steps to make the intersection safer for motorists,” said Sen. Fowler. “A stoplight will go a long way toward helping to improve road safety for the community and reducing the number of accidents at the busy crossroad.”

Sen. Fowler said the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT), in conjunction with the City of Harrisburg, will be installing traffic signals at the intersection of Illinois 13 and West Poplar Street (Old Illinois 13) on the west side of Harrisburg.  

Sen. Fowler has worked with IDOT to conduct a traffic analysis on the ongoing safety concerns of the busy intersection, and is optimistic to see light at the end of the tunnel for this longstanding project.

“This was an issue that was brought to my attention when I was serving at the local level, and to be able to share progress on this project is encouraging. The safety of our community has to be paramount and bringing a stoplight to the area gives our motorists some measure of safety when they approach the intersection,” said Sen. Fowler.

Sen. Fowler says he hopes the traffic signal will help improve roadway safety at the intersection, as well as improve access to the area.

“I’m optimistic that this stoplight will help vehicles traverse the area better, allowing for better traffic flow and improving the possibilities of economic development along the roadway,” said Sen. Fowler. “Right now, gaining access through the intersection is difficult and sometimes dangerous. I hope this traffic signal will have the added benefit of enabling vehicles to get in and out of the area easier and encourage some business development as safety and organization is brought to the junction.”

According to IDOT, in January the state received bids from contractors to install the traffic signals.  The low bid contractor was Brown Electric and a contract for $228,250 has been awarded to install traffic signals, pavement markings and concrete shoulders. The contract is in the process of being executed, work should begin this summer, and the new traffic signals should be in operation by the fall of 2018.

As the project continues into development, IDOT would like to remind motorists that traffic signals are not a solution for all traffic problems, urging motorists to obey the speed limit, always be alert and avoid distractions. 

Sen. Fowler echoes their call for drivers to continue to be alert, follow the rules of the road and help keep the roadways as safe as possible for all motorists.

Dale Fowler

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