Senator Fowler issues response regarding Satanic statue in Statehouse rotunda

This holiday season, the Secretary of State has allowed for a Satanic statue to be placed among other religious displays in the Capitol Rotunda.

State Senator Fowler has issued the following statement concerning the display:

“The inclusion of the satanic display among long-standing religious displays in our state’s Capitol was, in my opinion, a disrespectful charade meant to undermine the tradition of religious expression. While I fully respect and support the rights to celebrate and observe religious holidays, I cannot and will not support a blatantly antagonistic effort to mock the intent behind declarations of faith,” said Senator Fowler (R-Harrisburg). “As the admittance of this satanic statue has caused concern for many throughout my district, I would encourage the public to reach out to the Secretary of State’s Office and vocalize their opinions on the display.”

Dale Fowler

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