Fowler aims for change, supports fair maps

Seeking to provide a voice to the people, State Senator Dale Fowler (R-Harrisburg) is sponsoring Senate Joint Resolution-Constitutional Amendment 4 (SJR-CA 4), which allows voters to weigh in on a Constitutional Amendment to create a new, non-partisan system for drawing maps.

“What we aim to do with this legislation is to take political parties out of the process, enabling voters to take control of the process and affect real change for this state,” said Sen. Fowler. “This is an opportunity to create transparency, move Illinois forward and give a voice to the people who have demanded change.”

SJR-CA 4 would allow Illinois residents to vote on a Constitutional Amendment to establish an independent redistricting commission, increase transparency in the process and provide for public hearings to allow Illinois residents to weigh in. If passed, the constitutional amendment would place the question of fair maps on the ballot for the next statewide election.

“This is about recognizing that the way we’ve done redistricting in the past has not worked, creating an uncompetitive election environment and placing too much power in the hands of politicians,” said Sen. Fowler. “By supporting this bipartisan proposal and giving voters the opportunity to choose, we are increasing transparency and finally taking substantive steps toward a more representative state government.”

Senator Fowler is giving the people of Illinois the opportunity to voice their support for fairer maps in Illinois by visiting and signing the fair maps petition available on his website.

Dale Fowler

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