Fowler hosted meeting on future economic expansion

Seeking to bring opportunity to the region, State Senator Dale Fowler (R-Harrisburg) welcomed representatives from Two Rivers Fisheries to Cairo to discuss future economic development in Southern Illinois.

Two Rivers Fisheries is carp processing and exporting outfit established in 2012 in Wickliffe, Kentucky. Ever since, the processing and exporting plant has been aiding with population control of carp and producing high quality products sold across the country and overseas. The Kentucky-based processing plant is now considering the possibility of further expansion, meeting with local lawmaker Senator Fowler to explore opening additional operations in Illinois.

“The possibility of welcoming a carp processing plant to Southern Illinois is an incredible opportunity for the region,” said Fowler. “We’re still very early on in the conversation, but the interest from international and national investors in bringing business and development to the region is encouraging.”

Senator Fowler hosted a meeting at Magnolia Manor to discuss possible future expansion in Illinois on April 13. A representative from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources made a presentation on Asian Carp Management in the state. Also discussed was the ongoing efforts to bring a river port terminal to the City of Cairo.

According to the Senator, international investors with Two Rivers Fisheries who had travelled from Japan expressed interest in the port and the possibilities it would bring for future expansion. Also among those attending the meeting were Two Rivers Fisheries President Angie Yu and CEO of Horizon Developer Group Ron Swope.

“Two Rivers Fisheries has taken a special interest in our efforts to bring a river port terminal to the City of Cairo,” said Fowler. “The transportation hub would be a critical investment for our state, attracting businesses, including companies like Two Rivers, and taking significant steps toward revitalizing the region.”

Currently, over a dozen companies have expressed interest in the port project. Last year, a total of $1 million in capital funding was released to fund permitting, engineering, and design costs for the port terminal. Senator Fowler is optimistic that as the port project gains momentum that more companies will consider bringing their business to Southern Illinois. 

Dale Fowler

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