Fowler condemns dangerous abortion bill

On May 31, Democrat lawmakers voted to pass a controversial measure that would expand abortion coverage and access in Illinois.

State Senator Dale Fowler (R-Harrisburg), who voted against the measure when it came before the Senate, issued the following statement in opposition to the measure:

“This sweeping bill seeks to expand abortion coverage, recklessly broadening access to abortions and threatening the lives of unborn children all across the state,” said Fowler. “It radically expands abortion rights to allow late term, partial birth and sex-selective abortions. Beyond that, it would require private insurance companies to cover abortion, and could require doctors, nurses and hospitals to perform abortions without any regard for their personal beliefs or their constitutional rights. It removes what minimal safeguards we have in place to defend innocent lives by declaring a fundamental right to make autonomous decisions. Meanwhile, that unborn, viable child has no voice, and no rights or protections. I am disappointed and deeply saddened by the actions taken here today.”

Senate Bill 25 passed out of the Senate with 34 voting in favor, 20 voting against and 3 voting present. The bill will now advance to the Governor’s desk for further consideration.

Dale Fowler

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