Week-in-Review: September 9-13

School visitation law reminder, employers must provide leave for parents

Since 1993, Illinois has had a law providing for unpaid leave for employees to attend school conferences or classroom activities of their children when such events cannot be rescheduled during non-work hours. The School Visitation Rights Act stresses the importance of and promotes the involvement of parents in their children’s schooling.

A school visitation rights leave form is available on the Illinois Department of Labor’s website: https://www2.illinois.gov/idol/forms/Documents/School%20Visitation%20Leave%20Form.PDF.

September is National Preparedness Month in Illinois

September is National Preparedness Month, which seeks to promote family and community disaster and emergency planning. 

The Illinois Emergency Management Agency and local emergency managers are encouraging Illinoisans to take time to prepare for potential emergencies at homes, at work, and in the community. Having a plan that includes where to go and how to communicate during disasters, building an emergency supply kit and learning lifesaving skills could help your family, friends, neighbors and employees during a disaster.

Here are five steps your family can take to be prepared:

Save Early for a Disaster:  Make sure you have financial savings should a disaster or emergency occur.
Learn Lifesaving Skills: Learn skills such as CPR and first aid techniques so that you can provide aid until help arrives.
Make a Plan for When a Disaster Strikes: Make a plan for your family, so you all know what to do when a disaster strikes.
Teach Youth how to Prepare for Disasters: Get kids involved in building their own emergency kit. Make sure to include your child’s favorite stuffed animals, board games, books or music in their emergency kit to comfort them in a disaster.
Get Involved in Community Preparedness: Check in with your neighbors to see how you can help each other before, during and after a storm. You can also bolster your community’s resiliency efforts by joining a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). CERTs train volunteers to prepare for various emergencies and disasters.

Dale Fowler

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