Week-in-Review: Oct. 28 – Nov. 1

The Senate Republican Caucus took action this week to restore public trust in an honest and ethical state government.

During the first week of the highly-anticipated fall veto session, State Senator Dale Fowler (R-Harrisburg) signed on to co-sponsor Senate Bill 2297 which will give the Legislative Inspector General (LIG) the appropriate tools to conduct independent investigations of legislators.

“In order to help restore faith in the system, we need to take steps to ensure lawmakers are acting responsible and held accountable for their actions,” said Fowler. “This legislation removes politicians from the current process, ensuring that legitimate investigations are being conducted and upholding the integrity of the Statehouse.” 

Currently, except in cases alleging sexual harassment, the LIG must get advance approval from the Legislative Ethics Commission (LEC) before opening an investigation, or issuing subpoenas. Additionally, if, during the investigation, the LIG discovers wrongdoing that is beyond the scope of, or unrelated to the initial complaint, they have to go back to the LEC to get approval to investigate further.

Under SB 2297, the LIG would be able to investigate complaints against legislators and issue subpoenas without approval from the LEC. By taking legislators out of the process, the bill ensures independence in the investigation of these claims.

In District news, Sen. Fowler recently toured family-operated Kings Food Service in Chittyville with over 30 years of experience. Kings Food Service is an impressive special event company owned by Frank and Vicki King. Sutters State Fair Taffy is also part of their ever-growing company.

Also recently visited, Sen. Fowler made a trip to Othrotech Sports Medical Equipment in Herrin. This Southern-based business sells, repairs, transports and stores professional-grade exercise and gym equipment. According to their website, Orthotech has over 100,000 square feet of warehouse, service, manufacturing and the office space.

Dale Fowler

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