Sen. Fowler provides update on Golconda Marina

State Senator Dale Fowler (R-Harrisburg) provided the following update on ongoing work being conducted at the Golconda Marina:

“With the flooding of the Ohio River this year, there was extensive damage to the docks at the Golconda Marina. Given the damage and concerns for public safety, the docks had to be closed. However, the marina has been scheduled to undergo repairs beginning soon. As repairs are made to the various docks on the property, it is my understanding that the Marina will be reopening in phases so that boat owners will have access to their boats,” said Sen. Fowler. “While the flooding damage was unexpected and a setback for the Marina, I’m encouraged to see swift repairs beings made to the property. Work and maintenance to our state parks and facilities are truly an investment in the future of Southern Illinois, attracting visitors and boosting tourism.”

Dale Fowler

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