Benton Street expansion moves forward

State Senator Dale Fowler (R-Harrisburg) joined with other local officials for the highly anticipated ribbon cutting of the Benton Street expansion and improvement project from First Street to Organ Street in Eldorado.

Ferrell Hospital, the second largest employer in Eldorado, has completed a major expansion and modernization of existing hospital facilities. As part of their renovations, changes have been made to existing emergency room access and a new main parking lot was created for the hospital.

“These renovations done to the hospital have been great for the community, but now adjustments need to be made to Benton Street to accommodate the new parking lot and hospital entrance,” said Senator Fowler. “The expansion to the roadway will improve access to the hospital while also making the roadways safer.”

Grant funding will be used to reconstruct and widen the roadway along Benton Street and will include new curb and gutters, a new storm sewer system, drainage structures, inlets and ADA-complainant sidewalks from First Street to Organ Street.

“These improvements have been a huge priority for the city of Eldorado for several years, and I am happy to have been able to help secure the funding needed to move this project forward,” said Senator Fowler.

Dale Fowler

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