Watch Out for Scam Targeting Drivers

Illinois drivers are apparently being targeted by scammers phishing for their information via text and email.

According to an article in the Daily Herald, some Illinoisans have received what appears to be an email or text from the Illinois Secretary of State’s (SOS) office saying that the individual’s license has been suspended. Officials from the SOS, however, say that they only send important communications like that by mail.

Officials from the Illinois Department of Transportation say that they have been contacted by hundreds of people who have received similar emails and texts, leading them to believe that thousands of residents have actually been targeted.

In both cases, officials urge people not to click the links contained in the emails and texts, but to report them to the appropriate authorities.

You can read the full article at:

The FBI also offers tips to avoid becoming a victim of phishing and spoofing types of scams at:

Dale Fowler

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