Fowler recognizes outstanding performance of SIC MIG Team

State Sen. Dale Fowler (R-Harrisburg) brought members of the Southeastern Illinois College (SIC) Model Illinois Government (MIG) team together to recognize their record-breaking work at this year’s competition on July 15.

“This year’s MIG team did an amazing job representing SIC at this year’s Model Illinois Government simulation and, despite the challenges created by the pandemic, managed to shatter records. It is beyond impressive,” said Sen. Fowler. “I wanted to be sure that the students who participated were recognized for their hard work and applauded for their accomplishments.”

Model Illinois Government is a yearly intercollegiate competition that brings together hundreds of students from across Illinois for a legislative simulation on state government and politics. This year’s MIG competition was held in March and conducted virtually. This year’s SIC team was named “Outstanding Large Delegation,” the highest honor available for a delegation of 10 or more.

Delegates to the team included: Gillian Jones, Christian Murray and Callie Oxford of Harrisburg; Jacob Lemon and Kaleb Schutt of Golconda; Aleece McLeod of Shawneetown; Gavyn Woolard of West Frankfort; and Caleb Weiss, Joshua Baker and Alex O’Daniel of Carmi. The team was led by Matt Lees, a political science instructor with SIC.

Sen. Fowler brought the members of the SIC MIG team to his office to present certificates of recognition to the students for their accomplishment at this year’s competition.

“Being able to be a part of such an amazing team was in itself rewarding,” said Joshua Baker, MIG team member.

“I’ll never forget this unique and enriching experience,” said Gillian Jones, MIG team member.

In addition to being named “Outstanding Large Delegation,” SIC received six other major awards, including Outstanding Person in a Senate Committee (Gillian Jones), Outstanding Lobbyist (Caleb Weiss), Outstanding First Year Delegate in the House (Aleece McLeod), Outstanding First Year Delegate in the Senate (Gavyn Woolard), Outstanding Member of the House (Christian Murray), and Outstanding Member of the Senate (Callie Oxford.)

“The performance of this group was simply exceptional. I had high expectations entering competition and they surpassed each and every one of them,” said Lees. “What makes this year even more special is that every single member contributed.”

“This year presented many challenges, but this team didn’t let that stand in the way of not only winning, but breaking records,” said Callie Oxford, MIG team member.

“It was a great opportunity for me to grow as a person and to make new friends,” said Aleece McLeod, MIG team member.

This year’s victory marks the 12th State Title received by SIC in 20 years of participating in the MIG simulation.

Dale Fowler

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