Fowler’s initiative for local law enforcement signed into law

An initiative sponsored by State Senator Dale Fowler (R-Harrisburg) to help local law enforcement was recently signed into law.

House Bill 3882 changes the definition of police vehicle to include recreational off-highway vehicles, all-terrain vehicles, watercraft, and aircraft for purposes of the Illinois Vehicle Code.

“This was an issue brought to my attention by local law enforcement,” said Sen. Fowler. “Currently, several of the vehicles operated by our officers aren’t technically classified as a ‘police vehicle.’ Due to a classification oversight, this sometimes makes it difficult for law enforcement personnel to carry out their duties, especially when something like an off-highway vehicle isn’t viewed by the general public as a legitimate police vehicle.”

According to Sen. Fowler, the intent behind this legislation was to remove unnecessary classification barriers and make the definition of “police vehicle” more inclusive.

“These are lesser known and more uncommon police vehicles, but they are still legitimate and should be recognized as such,” said Sen. Fowler. “Under this legislation, police officers will now be empowered to enforce the law regardless of their mode of transportation.”

Governor Pritzker signed House Bill 3882 into law on July 30.

Dale Fowler

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