Revised legislative maps pass despite criticism of process

After the recent release of U.S. Census data, Illinois Democrats called the General Assembly back to Springfield for special session on Aug. 31 in order to “fix” their unconstitutional legislative maps.

Legislative districts are meant to be roughly equal in population, yet the Democrats’ original maps had a 30 percent population deviation. Prior to that passage of those maps, Republicans, good government groups and community organizations all warned that maps should wait to be drawn until federal Census data was available. Instead, the Majority insisted on using inaccurate data from the American Community Survey (ACS), which resulted in unconstitutional maps.

Instead of admitting their mistake and allowing the new maps to be drawn by a bipartisan commission, Democrat leaders used the same rushed, non-transparent tactics to slam their revised maps through the General Assembly in just one legislative session day, giving no one time to review them and offer input.

The new maps now head to the Governor’s desk. Senator Fowler encourages constituents to sign a petition urging Gov. JB Pritzker to keep his campaign promise and veto these partisan-drawn maps.

Dale Fowler

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