Fowler reacts to passage of controversial energy legislation

On Sept. 13, Senate lawmakers returned to Springfield to vote on a controversial energy package that includes the largest utility rate increase.

Senator Dale Fowler (R-Harrisburg) issued the following statement after the passage of Senate Bill 2408:

“This energy proposal was an opportunity to recognize the importance of our coal industry and work collaboratively to establish an energy package that would protect jobs, safeguard Illinois’ energy portfolio and ensure we have reliable energy for Illinoisans. Disappointingly, the opportunity was missed and it will have costly consequences for Illinoisans.

“This energy proposal overlooks the reliability that coal provides to Illinois’ energy portfolio, relying instead on massive subsidies for wind and solar while placing a target on our privately-owned coal plants. The energy package also includes a dangerous eminent domain provision that threatens landowners and is a direct assault on our state’s agricultural sector.

“This isn’t real comprehensive energy policy. This is an attack on our coal industry that will undoubtedly bring about the greatest energy rate hike in Illinois history, eliminate jobs and will hurt the future of our state.”

Senate Bill 2408 passed out of the Senate by a vote of 37 to 17.

Dale Fowler

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