Senator Fowler & Meridian giveaway 250 hams and turkeys

On Tuesday, State Senator Dale Fowler (R-Harrisburg) teamed up with Meridian Illinois and Heaven’s Kitchen to distribute 250 free hams and turkeys to those in need this Thanksgiving.

“This partnership between Meridian and Heaven’s Kitchen is crucial to the people we serve and is extremely heartwarming as we approach the holiday season,” said Senator Fowler. “We have created a system where those who show up for a free ham or turkey from Meridian, can also receive a hot meal from Heaven’s Kitchen.”

This year, 125 hams and 125 turkeys were distributed to families at the First Presbyterian Church Annex.

“I am just so thankful to have the opportunity to serve the great constituents of the 59th District. Thanksgiving and the holiday season is a time to give back and lend a helping hand and I’m proud to know that through this event, we have done just that,” concluded Senator Fowler.

The free ham and turkey giveaways are a statewide initiative by Meridian Illinois Managed Care Plans leading up to the week of Thanksgiving.

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Dale Fowler

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