Senator Fowler Issues Statement on Senate Bill 2412

State Senator Dale Fowler (R-Harrisburg) released the following statement regarding House Bill 2412 after it passed out of the Senate on May 2:

“Senate Bill 2412 is a direct blow to the democratic process of our state and I refused to vote for legislation that is so clearly undemocratic. By proposing to change the rules mid-election cycle, Democrat lawmakers are essentially dismissing the hard work and dedication of local candidates working to serve the people of this state.

This isn’t just about updating processes. It’s a calculated move to manipulate the playing field in favor of cherry-picked candidates, depriving Illinois voters their voice in the election process and eroding trust in our electoral system. We cannot stand for such blatant power plays; we must instead stand to ensure our election process remains free and fair for all Illinoisans.”

Dale Fowler

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