HARRISBURG, IL – Illinois Senators voted on four pieces of legislation as part of a compromise that seeks to bring an end to the two-year budgetary impasse, according to State Sen. Dale Fowler (R-Harrisburg).

Senator Fowler voted “no” to the four pieces of legislation because they were only a fraction of the larger compromise which ties 13 bills together. All told, the bills could include serious business and government reforms, budget cuts, and revenue enhancements.

The main sticking point for Senator Fowler are the revenue enhancements, which in many cases amount to tax increases. Senator Fowler will remain steadfast in his desire to reduce government spending through serious cuts, before tax increases are looked at.

“I’m trying to keep an open mind, but I do not see any meaningful reforms or spending cuts, it makes the decision easy for me to say ‘no’ to all portions of the so-called ‘Grand Bargain,’” Fowler said. “Illinois needs to be made more open to outside entities and we need to reestablish confidence in our own job creators to expand economic opportunities here in Illinois.”

Senator Fowler believed the Feb. 8 votes were rushed by the Illinois Senate President, at a time when it looked like the continued negotiations were beginning to yield results. Sadly, not much progress was achieved, but constituents need to be reminded that at least “both sides of the aisle” are still talking.

‘Blue Lives Matter’

Senator Fowler, as promised, introduced Senate Bill 1380 which is commonly referred to as the “Blue Lives Matter” legislation. The bill comes on the heels of several high-profile violent incidents which have targeted police, correctional officers, and first responders because they were badges. SB 1380 simply adds local, state, and federal law enforcement and first responders to the current Illinois Hate Crimes statutes. For more about the “Blue Lives Matter” legislation, please visit

Dale Fowler

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