SPRINGFIELD, IL – State Sen. Dale Fowler (R-Harrisburg) offered the following comments after Gov. Bruce Rauner delivered his annual Budget Address on Feb. 15.

“Today’s budget remarks I believed were very subdued and on the mark in terms of encouraging lawmakers to focus on meaningful reforms to how Illinois does business. I hope that we can achieve a balanced budget sooner, rather than later. It is clear work has to be done, Illinois can’t take much more of the impasse,” Fowler said. “For 14 years, the legislative majorities have either passed or attempted to pass blatantly unconstitutional, unbalanced spending proposals, which have left Illinois teetering on the verge of a total collapse. Now is the time that we ‘right’ our fiscal ship and move Illinois forward. We have to grow our economy to become more competitive. Southern Illinois will only become more attractive for job creators after we stabilize our state’s finances. After that, our state will become a better destination for all to love and enjoy.”

Dale Fowler

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