HARRISBURG, IL – Cautious optimism remains the “new normal” at the Illinois State Capitol, where lawmakers heard from the Governor during his annual Budget Address on Feb. 15, according to State Sen. Dale Fowler (R-Harrisburg).

Prior to returning to Springfield, Senator Fowler attended Southern Illinois Healthcare’s legislative breakfast and had several constituent meetings.

The Governor’s Budget Address praised the fiscal progress that has been made in the Illinois Senate in recent weeks. Senator Fowler said the Governor’s address was subdued and right on the mark, with a focus on cutting state spending, fiscal discipline, and embracing policies that will bring good-paying jobs to Illinois.

“Now is the time that we ‘right’ our fiscal ship and move Illinois forward. We have to grow our economy to become more competitive,” Fowler said. “Southern Illinois will only become more attractive for job creators after we stabilize our state’s finances. After that, our state will become a more attractive destination for all to love and enjoy.”

Also this week, a St. Clair County Circuit Judge struck down a motion by the Illinois Attorney General to deny state employee pay. The Feb. 16 court ruling means that Illinois workers will continue to be paid for their public service. Had the court ruled in favor of the Attorney General, it would have meant thousands of constituents in the 59th District would have missed their paychecks.

Senator Fowler applauds the ruling of the Judge and he is glad to know that his constituents will continue to be paid for their hard work.

Illinois Senators return to their legislative districts for an in-district work period until the scheduled Feb. 28 session day.

Dale Fowler

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