HARRISBURG, IL – Legislators used the two week in-district work period to catch up on constituent communications, hold meetings, and attend community forums, according to State Sen. Dale Fowler (R-Harrisburg).

The two-week period marks the final time that lawmakers will have a significant amount of days back in their district before the regularly scheduled May 31 adjournment.

Senator Fowler noted that he spent several days down in Cairo as a result of the April 10 announcement by the federal department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) that they would be requiring residents to move from the Elmwood and McBride Complexes.

During Fowler’s repeated visits, he met with constituents and local leaders concerning the quick five-month time frame for vacating the premises, set forth by the federal government.

The Senator is part of a local working group looking at housing options for a portion of the affected constituents.

A number of legislative tours were part of his two weeks back in-district, among the visits were: a factory tour of Aisin of America in Marion, the Rea Clinic in Christopher, the Autism Project on SIU’s Campus, Shawnee Christian Nursing Center and Shawnee Community College.

Senator Fowler also took part in more than two dozen smaller meetings throughout the district and in his’ Harrisburg district office. On April 20, the Senator joined fellow Southern Illinois Senator Paul Schimpf for an SIU forum which allowed community members an opportunity to meet the two new lawmakers.

After nearly 100 days in office, Senator Fowler noted that Illinois continues to face many challenges because of the two-year budgetary impasse, but he remains optimistic that a solution will come.

The Illinois Senate returns to session on April 25 and Senator Fowler’s final public event for the two weeks will be a Southern Illinois Coal Forum to be held in Murphysboro.

Dale Fowler

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