Sen. Fowler shares recent tourism numbers, underscores importance of tourism industry

Underscoring the importance of the tourism industry in Illinois, State Senator Dale Fowler (R-Harrisburg) is bringing attention to recently released numbers which reported an all-time high in visitors from 2017.

“Illinois’ tourism industry is essential to our state, especially in the 59th Senate District. Our region boasts a number of local treasures and attractions that bring in tourists from all over,” said Sen. Fowler. “Tourism brings economic growth and opportunities to our state, boosting our economy, creating jobs and contributing to Illinois’ revenue intake.”

According to the governor’s office, a total of 114 million people visited the Prairie State last year, which was up by 1.6 million or 3 percent since 2016. Those visitors generated approximately $39.5 billion in spending, up $1.1 billion from 2016.

“Encouraging tourism and tourism opportunities is something we have to continue pursuing, doing everything we can to underscore and highlight the unique and beautiful aspects of our great state,” said Sen. Fowler. “Especially here in Southern Illinois, we have so much to be proud of and so many places for tourists to experience. The tourism industry is critical to our region.”

Currently, the Illinois Office of Tourism is executing their “Up for Amazing” marketing campaign, aimed at showcasing and promoting Illinois attractions, activities and other travel offerings.

Sen. Fowler also hosts a “Southern Illinois Treasures” video series, highlighting some of the locations and attractions available throughout his district.

“This series is about using my platform as an elected official to highlight the attractions of our district and do my part to continue encouraging visitors to check out Southern Illinois,” said Sen. Fowler. 

Sen. Fowler will be recording more segments of his “Southern Illinois Treasures” series this summer. Previous episodes of Senator Fowler’s “Southern Illinois Treasure” series are available on his website,

Dale Fowler

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