Sen. Fowler attends budget signing, excited for future river port project

On June 4, State Senator Dale Fowler (R-Harrisburg) joined Governor Bruce Rauner for the signing of the $38.5 billion bipartisan compromise budget package that does not add to taxpayers’ burdens.

“After years of irresponsible spending and out-of-balanced budgets, lawmakers have come together to develop a spending plan that sets our state on a better path forward,” said Sen. Fowler. “While we still have to continue pushing for lasting reforms that give taxpayers and businesses long-term relief, this budget does not impose any new taxes on our already strapped taxpayers and is a good first step toward a brighter future for our state.”

Also seeing progress under the newly signed budget package are efforts to bring a river port to the city of Cairo, allocating $1 million toward the ongoing project.

“This budget contains an encouraging investment in the river port project for Cairo and the rest of Southern Illinois, directing much-needed funding toward permitting and design costs for the project,” said Senator Fowler. “The river port would have a major economic impact on our region, and I’m encouraged that this budget package recognizes the project’s possibilities.”

“The river port project would help revitalize an economically deprived community in our state which has so much untapped potential,” said Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner. “I would like to applaud Senator Fowler for his hard work on this ongoing project and look forward to the future developments on this exciting public-private investment for the state and the region.”

Other key points included in the Fiscal Year 2019 budget are $350 million additional dollars for the new K-12 education evidence-based funding formula, 100 new Illinois State Police Cadets, relief in operation costs for community colleges and state universities and additional funding for early childhood education.

“While not everything in this budget is perfect, it is a budget that was reached through real compromise,” said Sen. Fowler. “For too long, our state has operated under uncertainty and instability, driving out businesses and residents. Moving forward, we have to continuing working to do better for our state.”

Dale Fowler

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