Capital funding released for Fort Massac State Park

Close to $2.8 million in capital funding has been released to benefit Fort Massac State Park as part of the Fiscal Year 2019 capital budget approved in late May.

“I’m encouraged that we continue to see key funding being invested in Southern Illinois, emphasizing that the region has so much to offer to visitors and residents,” said Senator Fowler (R-Harrisburg). “We have a responsibility to ensure that we maintain these historically important and unique attractions that area residents enjoy, encourage tourism and boost our local economy.”

The funding will be directed toward evaluating the current condition of the structures at Fort Massac and making ongoing structural improvements.

“Through this capital investment, Fort Massac will be able to improve access and infrastructure within park facilities, making it more attractive and interactive for visitors,” said Senator Fowler. “This funding will allow us to make critical improvements to park structures, ensuring that Fort Massac continues to be one of Southern Illinois local treasures for years to come.”

The joint DNR and DCEO initiative allocates over $2 million for evaluating the current condition of structures within the park, including the timber-framed 19th Century fort replica. Efforts will be undertaken to enable public access to the interior grounds of the fort. Portions of this funding will also be directed toward making repairs around the park, including necessary upkeep fixes on the stockade wall and fencing.

An additional $770,400 will be used for deferred maintenance projects, including work on the heating, ventilation and duct systems, exhaust fans, piping insulation, a natural gas water heater, and rehabilitating or replacing the existing shower building.

Having received approval, the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity now has authority to move forward with funding the projects within the park facilities.  

Dale Fowler

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