Week-in-review: December 24-28, 2018

When the clock strikes midnight on Jan. 1, 2019, 253 new laws will take effect in the state of Illinois. New laws run the gamut from fighting the opioid crisis and promoting car-seat safety to allowing blaze pink hunting gear. 

Battling opioids

As the opioid crisis continues to impact lives throughout the nation, two new laws in Illinois that could have an impact are set to go into effect. Licensed prescribers of controlled substances will be required to complete three hours of continuing education on safe opioid-prescribing practices before renewing their prescription license under Senate Bill 2777/PA 100-1106.

Senate Bill 682/PA 100-1023 will provide greater access to emergency opioid and addiction treatment by specifying that insurance companies cannot require prior notification for inpatient and outpatient substance-use-disorder treatment.

House Bill 4795/PA 100-0759 provides a firm foundation to enhance and support efforts to combat the opioid epidemic and other substance use disorders. By clarifying and streamlining current state law, managed care organizations and primary care providers are given clear guidance that will help ensure a standardized approach to intervention and treatment of substance abuse.

Transportation safety

As of Jan. 1, children younger than two must be secured in a rear-facing child-restraint system unless they weigh more than 40 pounds, or are 40 inches or taller, under House Bill 4377/PA 100-0672. 

And check your backup lights! Senate Bill 2511/PA 100-0707 states that a backup lamp on a motor vehicle must emit either a white or amber light without glare.

Pink is the new orange

Hunters take note! Among the hunting, fishing and trapping laws taking effect in the New Year, House Bill 4231/PA 100-0949 will allow hunters to wear blaze pink, instead of the traditional blaze orange. Proponents of the change claim that blaze pink could be brighter to the human eye than orange, and also less visible to deer.

The full list

There’s a lot more to know as we kick off 2019! To view the full list of all 253 new laws coming in the New Year, visit: senatorfowler.com.

Dale Fowler

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