Fowler takes Oath of Office, optimistic for bipartisanship in new General Assembly

On January 9, newly-elected members of the 101 General Assembly were inaugurated into office.

State Senator Fowler, who was re-elected to serve as the State Senator for the 59th Senate District, issued the following statement after being inaugurated:

“Being able to serve the people, communities and businesses of the 59th Senate District is a true privilege and blessing. Thank you for allowing me to be a voice for the people of Southern Illinois and affording me the opportunity to serve the region in this upcoming General Assembly,” said Senator Fowler. “I’m optimistic about this spring legislative session and the potential for change and growth. We have a great opportunity before us to work together, embrace bipartisanship and bring about fundamental reforms that promise a brighter future for our state. Moving forward, I remain dedicated to advocating for the needs of Southern Illinois and will continue to fight for the hardworking taxpayers and job creators in this region.”

In addition to being one of 15 Senate Republicans inaugurated on January 9, Senator Fowler also stood and spoke in support of current Senate Minority Leader Bill Brady’s nomination for senate president.   

Dale Fowler

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