Fowler scores high with manufacturing

State Senator Dale Fowler (R-Harrisburg) is one of only nine state senators with a 90 percent or higher voting record on the 2019 Legislative Scorecard released by the Technology and Manufacturing Association (TMA).

Sen. Fowler has received a 90 percent rating for his support of bills important to the state’s manufacturers.

“Given the role manufacturing plays in employment and economic development, I believe my responsibility is to be a vocal advocate for the manufacturing industry,” said Sen. Fowler. “Illinois’ manufacturers have faced serious challenges over the years, and I firmly lawmakers should be doing more to help our state’s job creators.”

According to the TMA, last year only 27 percent of the Illinois Senate members scored 70 or more on bills important to the state’s manufacturers.

The TMA’s scorecard also noted that Senate members voted against the state’s manufacturing sector nearly twice as often than they voted for it, with a score of 37.

Dale Fowler

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