Fowler Launches Valentine’s For Seniors Program

In an effort to lift the spirits of Illinois’ senior citizen community, State Senator Dale Fowler (R-Harrisburg) is collecting Valentine’s Day cards for his newly introduced Valentine’s For Seniors Program.

“This ongoing health crisis has taken so much from so many people, but one of the communities hit hardest during this pandemic has been our senior citizens,” said Sen. Fowler. “As our senior citizens are some of our most vulnerable and at-risk citizens to this virus, they have been extremely isolated during this time. And, as someone with a loved one in a nursing home facility, I know firsthand how lonely and challenging these past few months have been for our seniors. Which is why it is so important that we show our support and bring what joy we can to those seniors throughout our communities who have felt secluded and alone.”

Fowler is encouraging churches, schools, and community members of the 59th Senate District to write Valentine’s Day cards that can be dropped off or mailed to his district offices. Once all the cards have been collected, they will be delivered to the various long-term care facilities that make up the district.

The collection of Valentine’s Day cards will run through Wednesday, February 10. Those wishing to participate will have the option to either mail their card or drop it off. For those choosing in-person delivery, please remember to maintain social distancing and to wear a mask when entering the office.

Mail-in or drop-off location:

2 North Vine, 6th Floor
Harrisburg, IL 62946

For more information or to arrange a separate drop-off time, call 618.294.8951

Dale Fowler

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