Fowler issues statement on the Illinois Healthcare Right of conscience Act

On Oct. 28, Democrat lawmakers passed changes to the Illinois Healthcare Right of Conscience Act.

State Senator Dale Fowler (R-Harrisburg) issued the following statement in opposition to the vote:

“The Healthcare Right of Conscience Act allows individuals to refuse to take part in healthcare services that are contrary to their religious beliefs, morals, or otherwise contrary to their conscience.

“Members of both parties have supported the contents and the idea of the HCRCA for years, recognizing that the Act protects a person’s right to make a healthcare decision for themselves. It is not something that should be diminished, overlooked or undervalued. However, that is what happened here tonight.

“The Democrat Majority made an irreparable mistake by seizing this authority from the people of this state. I oppose these actions and will always seek to protect the rights of all Illinoisans.”

Dale Fowler

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