Sen. Fowler announces latest round of transit awards

State Senator Dale Fowler is proud to announce more than $4-million dollars in infrastructure improvements planned for the 59th District. This comes after the latest round of Transit Awards were recently announced.

“This investment is critical to our region because transportation plays a major role in connecting and building our communities,” said Senator Fowler. “We must continue to invest in infrastructure-related projects like these because of the value they bring to our workforce and economy.”

Award recipients across the 59th District include Rides Mass Transit District, Shawnee Mass Transit and Jackson County Mass Transit District.

“These awards to our transit systems will strengthen our status as a national leader in providing cost-effective public transportation that’s safe and accessible to everyone in our state,” said Illinois Transportation Secretary Omer Osman. “Through Rebuild Illinois, Gov. Pritzker and IDOT continue to improve the state’s transportation system by seeking out the best projects and getting our partners at the local level the resources they need to deliver them.”

Rides Mass Transit will use the funding to purchase 10-12 new busses while money for the Jackson County Mass Transit District will be used to enhance and expand technology. A new multi-million-dollar training facility will be built as a part of the funding to Shawnee Mass Transit District.

For a full list of project statewide and funding amounts, click here.

Dale Fowler

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