Sen. Fowler bill to address food deserts passes the Senate

State Senator Dale Fowler is pleased to announce Senate Bill 1360, a bill to address food deserts across the state, has passed the full Senate with bipartisan, unanimous support.

“It means a lot to me to have the full support of the Senate on a bill that will greatly help the people of rural Illinois,” said Senator Fowler. “This is just the first of many steps to help communities who are starved of resources and have to drive miles away to find a grocery store that offers fresh and nutritious foods.”

Senate Bill 1360 creates a program where the Illinois Department of Agriculture would establish and operate projects and strategies that focus on the distribution of fresh and nutritious food while providing education in food preparation and nutrition in food deserts.

“Food insecurity is an issue that often hits rural low-income communities the hardest and has been exacerbated by record high inflation,” said Senator Fowler. “It is our duty as state legislators to help those in these underserved areas to have the resources they need to provide their families with healthy meals.”

The bill now heads to the House of Representatives for consideration.

Dale Fowler

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