Lawmakers Hear Testimony on AWB Rules

Members of the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules (JCAR) met Dec. 12 to hear testimony from agencies on proposed rules. This meeting included testimony from the Illinois State Police (ISP) on their proposed permanent rules for enforcement of the state’s “assault weapon” ban (AWB). 

For now, ISP’s temporary emergency rules remain in effect while action on the proposed permanent rules will be held until the January meeting of JCAR.

The emergency rules include requirements for registering existing weapons that are included in the AWB. Owners of banned firearms purchased before Jan. 10, 2023, must fill an affidavit with ISP.

ISP held hearings earlier in the year on their proposed rules. However, critics of the bill, say there is still significant confusion on which firearms and accessories are banned or require the affidavit.

More information on the rules and process, including what weapons and attachments are covered, can be found at

Meanwhile, there are still several court cases pending over the constitutionality of the AWB. For now the ban and the Jan. 1 deadline to register remain in place. Senator Fowler opposed the new law because he believes it’s an infringement on the 2nd Amendment rights of law-abiding gun owners and is likely unconstitutional. Senator Fowler added that he hopes the AWB will be ruled unconstitutional in the court system.

Dale Fowler

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